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quickly generate changelogs based on closed github issues and merged PRs since the last release


pip3 install --user https://github.com/Findus23/new-github-changelog-generator/archive/master.zip

(at least until it is published on pypi)


Run github-changelog-generator init to create an example config file. The GitHub API limits to 60 requests per hour by default, so to use this properly, create a personal access token (you don't need to tick any box) and paste it into the api_token setting in the config file.

Afterwards you can simply create changelogs by specifying the tag or date of the previous release:

 github-changelog-generator generate --since "2019-01-25 00:00:00" --debian-changelog
 github-changelog-generator generate --previous-version="3.8.0" --html

You can find more options with --help:

github-changelog-generator --help
github-changelog-generator init --help
github-changelog-generator generate --help