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Try out Matomo, the open source, privacy aware web analytics software, without the need to modify anything. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/piwik-injector/bglodhjbeeolbfpodfacccmnjledmggn
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Matomo Browser Injector

This browser extension isn't maintained anymore!

If you still wan't to inject Matomo scripts into websites without modifying them, take a look at the Greasemonkey browser extension that allows creating arbitrary userscripts.

This plugin is licensed under the MIT License, so feel free to fork it, if you want to continue maintaining it.

Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store

Mozilla Add-on Mozilla Add-on

Matomo Browser Injector helps you to try out Matomo, the leading open source web analytics software, in cases where it isn't possible to modify the source of a website or when you just want to quickly see how the visitor data of your website would look like in Piwik.


  • open the domain, where you want to include the tracking code localy
  • click on the Matomo Browser Injector icon in your toolbar and enter the URL to your Matomo instance and the ID of your website
  • if you want to try out advanced features you can enable the expert mode where you can freely modify the tracking code

This extention is in an early development state and may include backward-incompatible changes in future versions.

If you notice any bugs or have wishes for features open an issue on the github repository: https://github.com/Findus23/matomo-injector

Licensed under the MIT License and based on the work of hromadadan and xcv58