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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ from typing import List
from requests import Session
from paperlibrary.api.models import Author, PDF
from paperlibrary.api.models import Author, PDF, Keyword
class PaperLibraryAPI:
......@@ -17,6 +17,10 @@ class PaperLibraryAPI:
r = self.s.get(self.baseURL + "authors/")
return Author.schema().loads(r.text, many=True)
def fetch_keywords(self) -> List[Author]:
r = self.s.get(self.baseURL + "keywords/")
return Keyword.schema().loads(r.text, many=True)
def fetch_pdfs(self) -> List[PDF]:
r = self.s.get(self.baseURL + "pdfs/")
return PDF.schema().loads(r.text, many=True)
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from datetime import datetime
from typing import Optional, List
from dataclasses_json import DataClassJsonMixin, dataclass_json, Undefined, config
from dataclasses_json import DataClassJsonMixin, config
from marshmallow import fields
......@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@ class Paper(DataClassJsonMixin):
return self.pdfs[0]
class Author(DataClassJsonMixin):
url: str
......@@ -43,3 +42,11 @@ class Author(DataClassJsonMixin):
name: str
affiliation: Optional[str]
orcid_id: Optional[str]
class Keyword(DataClassJsonMixin):
url: str
papers: List[Paper]
name: str
schema: str
import hashlib
import os
import shutil
import string
from datetime import datetime
from pathlib import Path
from tzlocal import get_localzone
from paperlibrary.api import PaperLibraryAPI
from paperlibrary.config import basedir
def format_filename(s: str) -> str:
additional_letters = ["ä", "Ä", "ö", "Ö", "ü", "Ü"]
valid_chars = f"-_.() {string.ascii_letters}{string.digits}{''.join(additional_letters)}"
filename = ''.join(c for c in s if c in valid_chars)
# filename = filename.replace(' ', '_') # I don't like spaces in filenames.
return filename
def write_symlinks(api: PaperLibraryAPI):
pdf_dir = basedir / "pdfs"
author_dir = basedir / "by_author"
shutil.rmtree(author_dir, ignore_errors=True)
for author in api.fetch_authors():
author_subdir = author_dir / format_filename(
for paper in author.papers:
sourcefile = pdf_dir / f"{}.pdf"
targetfile = author_subdir / "{}.pdf".format(format_filename(paper.title))
def download_file(api: PaperLibraryAPI, url: str, target_file: Path):
r = api.s.get(url)
with"wb") as f:
for chunk in r.iter_content(1024):
def hash_file(file: Path, buffer_size=65536) -> str:
sha265 = hashlib.sha256()
with"rb") as f:
while True:
data =
if not data:
return sha265.hexdigest()
def update_pdfs(api: PaperLibraryAPI):
pdf_dir = basedir / "pdfs"
for pdf in api.fetch_pdfs():
pdf_file = pdf_dir / f"{}.pdf"
if not pdf_file.exists():
download_file(api, pdf.file, pdf_file)
if hash_file(pdf_file) != pdf.sha265:
modification_date = datetime.fromtimestamp(
# print(modification_date - pdf.updated_at)
if modification_date > pdf.updated_at:
raise ValueError("local file is newer")
raise ValueError("remote file is newer")
# TODO: check if file should be uploaded or downloaded
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